's review 

You know how we, as readers, stress and plead time and time again for more detail in our favorite books? Totally not a problem here. Even in the introductory pages you can tell the author either comes from a strong archaeological/historian background or she really did some serious research; quite possibly both. You never have those annoying little gaps of "What happened between here and here?" or "How did _ know that?" -- I never had to reread sentences/paragraphs and that helps to stay immersed in the story. I also want to point out how beautifully the author blended a circumstance so heavily rooted in ancient times with modern mentions. Honestly, sometimes I cringe when authors namedrop pop culture icons but in this book it actually felt natural and relatable. There's also not too many moments when characters act OOC/unbelievably just for the sake of moving the plot along. Sage and St.John don't feel forced and I seriously appreciate that. I'm really glad I got the opportunity to read this!

((Disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of this book, however my opinions are my own. This review intentionally focuses on the author's writing style and strength of storytelling, if you want to know what the book is about, read it!))

5-star Must Read By JC Brennan

Absolutely a wonderfully surprising read. This is an artfully written story of mystery, suspense, and takes you on an adventure you will not soon forget. Sage is a intriguing character that will draw you in as she comes to terms with what she if feeling to reveal her most inter emotion; attracting your romantic side. However, this is not just a romance, no sir, you will be thrilled with the “in your face” action of this historical fiction. You will not be disappointed with this read.

5-star's review

My mum always told me, "If a book doesn't teach you anything, then it's not a great book.". And Seed proved me that she was right.

The first thing I have to say about this book is that this was without any doubt one of my 5 favorite books I've read this year, I am honestly speechless of how amazing it is.
Also, I've received a free e-copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

We know we really love a book when we try really hard to explain its history or how much we love it, and that's why I found really difficult to review books I completely loved, so excuse me for any confused thoughts this review might have.

So, let's really start this. 
I was in the middle of the Prologue when I started finding this book a really hard put down and this feeling stayed through all the book. I devoured every single page and every single word DB Nielsen wrote, and I couldn't have loved it more!
Sage, the main character of the book, is probably the most accurate character ever: she reads a lot, she's curious and she asks a lot of questions. She's also such a real character, it's completely impossible to dislike her! I love specially two things about Sage Woods: first, the way she reacts about some... complicated things, unlike other female characters of this kind of books she doesn't overreact in general, she gets chocked yet she doesn't freak out (a lot); the other thing I really like it's her and her twin, Fi, relationship. Again, unlike other books where twins are born rivals, their relationship is incredibly natural, they act like what they are: sisters, twins and friends, despite their... differences. 
Now, obviously, I will talk about St. John. As any normal excessive reader I've this thing for male-sarcastic-incredibly-hot characters, so I couldn't help but to fall in love with Elijah St. John (Don't you just love his name?!). Giving away a lot of information about him would end up with me spoiling everyone, so I'm not going to say anything more than this.
Probably the only thing that quite bothered me in the whole book was how fast Sage and St. John's relationship grow, yet everything negative I felt about it disappeared when I got a certain explanation. 
If you're a curious person and like history and mythology, you should stop reading this and go buy this book. This book taught me so much, it's not even funny! 
I would very recommend this book to everyone.

5-starFive Stars By Nicole Ventura

Loved it! Can't wait for the second book!

5-starLOOOOOVED IT... By Shelbie Martin

I love books that whisk me away to another place and keep me there for hours on end..
being from London I love how well the author captured different places. Made me feel like I was there again.
the mixture of history, fantasy, love, sisterhood it's all just executed perfectly I would HIGHLY recommend this book to ANYONE

5-starIt is just brilliant. I'm rarely left speechless about a book By EVGoddard 

I don't even know were to start with this book. It is just brilliant. I'm rarely left speechless about a book - I always know what to write in a review but this time? Not a clue! There are just SO many good things about this book! So this time I'm doing something different with this blog - bullet points! My Under Graduate Dissertation supervisor always told me if I'm at a lost of what to put or have way to much to say to bullet point my ideas down so here goes!

- Nielsen is spot on with every historical fact she uses and I love the fact she quotes historical documents from the Babylonian period along with taking us on tours of museum displays. The history and archaeology geek in me lights up every time I turn the page and notice a reference to some period in history! Seriously if your like me and want any historical facts and references to be correct then you won't be disappointed.
- The characters I generally feel like I know them. I feel I could walk down the street and bump into them when I'm down south in Kent or London. Nielsen develops them so well she perfectly sculpts them so they vividly appear in your head as you progress through the book.
- The nephilim! Oh dear lord. You think Lauren Kates Daniel and Becca Fitzpatrick Patch were drool-worthy? You haven't met St.John and Gabriel. They need to make this into a book so I have two version of the men to drool over (yes I am greedy). Nielsen please please get this made into a movie?
- The plot in this book is superb! I literally had to force myself to put the book down so I could get some sleep before work the next day. From the word go Nielsen had be hooked on the book I kept turning the page wanting to know what was going to happen next and what surprises I was going to encounter.

I laughed and cried at this book. It is beautifully written and Nielsen is a wonderful author with such a vivid imagination. If you are a fan of Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick, P.C. and Kirsten Cast - heck any of the best selling YA authors out there - you will LOVE Nielsen. Seriously this book will make it. It will be a best-selling and be made into a movie!

Nielsen you are wonderful, keep writing beautiful!

5-starFollow the author down the rabbit hole! By Chloe 

This book is so gripping. I couldn't help but keep turning the pages. The characters read like they are real people, rather than just words on a page. 

I found myself reading this and feeling like I was there, stirring up emotions of my own when it came to declarations of love.

I have sobbed, laughed and sat in quiet contemplation whilst reading this book.I really can not wait until the next one comes out. I think this book would transpose easily onto the big screen.

DB Nielsen really does seem to grab the reader and takes them down the rabbit hole with his characters. Thank you so much for brightening my summer up. x

5-starAmazing!!!, by Ross Palmer-Willmott

If you like mystery, romance and paranormal fantasy stories then this book is a must have for your shelf!

Sage is a very well structured character that you cannot help but fall in love with, while reading this book I found myself really growing close to Sage and couldn't help but turn the next page to see what would happen to her! She is witty, book smart and extremely feisty which makes for an exciting and humorous read throughout the story.

This story revolves around ancient Babylon mythology and history which admittedly I knew very little about however D.B. Nielsen writes in such a way that allows readers with no prior knowledge to come away with a very good understanding of the ancient world that the story relates to, just by reading this book I feel like I have taken part in a masterclass of Babylonian history and mythology (I just wished I had this much fun learning history at school!).

The character dynamics between Sage and Saffron were a particular favourite of mine, the twins work very well together on the page with their strong personalities sometimes clashing and making for very funny moments within the story.

This is the first book of a series and I really cannot wait to see where the story is going to take me next!

5-stara fire-cracking debut By Hilda lee

It's rare to see a novel written so well that is filled with logic, thrilling adventure and mystery WHILST having a female heroine at its core. Beats The Hunger Games any day!

5-starby Rainne Atkins

Wow!! I loved this book.
A hard to put down, page turner. Well written, with a thrilling and intelligent storyline and believable characters.
I only have one complaint.... the book ended. ;)
Thank goodness there are more to follow!

I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

5-starby Judith

I have to admit that when I got the twit from DB Nielsen inviting to read the book I did not jump to the idea too quickly. The message kept on popping in my twitter account and finally I said to myself, "Why not?" so I put Game of Thrones in the back burner and on my downtime at work and home I begun to read. At first it took me a few pages to get into the story but by the end of chapter 2 I was hooked.
This book has it all, romance, history, and characters that you can relate. You are greatly endeared to Sage and Saffron and what is not to love about St. John or his brother Gabriel. It is a refreshing story of a girl who is falls for her father's young associate but is independent and not a "Bella" waiting for her "Edward" to rescue her. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

5-starby Mark Shaw

I randomly chose this book to read and review as part of a challenge to identify up and coming indie authors. Though I've personally written a fiction book myself, I don’t read much fiction, but something about this book reached out to me and i wanted to know more about it and the author. I found the book to be very well written and thought out. I love history and felt i was getting quite the history lesson reading this, so bravo to the writer. You must have put lots of time and effort into researching those ancient periods that you speak so fluently about. Now if i’m to be honest, a few parts went over my head, but i was still able to stay engaged and get through it. Over all, i think you did a damn good job and i look forward to your future work. You represent us indie authors well!......Mark Shaw


5-starBy far the Best book ive read this year By Lauralynn Williams

By far the Best book ive read this year, and i love to read. Can't wait until the next one comes out. Wonderful Job D B Nielsen

5-starSeriously addictive read, what a world DB Nielsen has created! By Chris Au

In this day and age where fantasy novels have the range and breadth of vampires, vampires and more vampires, DB Nielsen has offered a far more meaningful, interesting, and perhaps more accessible - angels. The main protagonists are a set of brilliant yet characteristically different twins, and the geographical, historical, and cultural accuracies and information aid in making this story so compelling and enjoyable. DB Nielsen creates a fantasy world that's based on the core that is our society, and so, readers like myself who like to imagine themselves in these worlds, will not have to wait to see the movie or use their imagination to picture Dumbledore. All they need to do is find a job, save up money and go on a Contiki tour and maybe they'll get to meet the Angels too, at the London Museum, or the Roman Catacombs.

Written to appeal to teenagers and young adults, the crux of the novel does not depend on the relationship of the female and male lead characters. It is incredibly interesting even without, and the dynamic of their relationship gives a more meaningful and substantial perspective to romance - one that is based on friendship, support and companionship.

I simply cannot wait for the sequel to see how all the events and doors that DB Nielsen has opened, will pan out.


5-starEPIC read By Krissybubbs

I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this novel. I wanted to be a part of this amazing world where angels live and the history of the world has been built and laid upon by these eternal beings. There was a sense of time travel and history making, something about the new and the old, from the Roman Catacombs to modern day London, that really appealed to me. Usually, fantasy novels mould their stories out of worlds suspended from reality - eg. C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling - but Nielsen makes this world in its imperfections and rich history come alive. And it is SO convincing! This is a must-read. I cannot recommend this novel enough.


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