5-starEngrossing. Finely crafted with sound narrative, characterization and plot. By Leslie Kronborg

Finely crafted paranormal / urban fantasy encompassing mystery, suspense, adventure, action, laced with fantasy and a search for true love.
Well-paced story. An intelligent plot with fascinating historical tidbits underpinning a believable turn of events. The reader is drawn into the unfolding of the clever mystery by an engaging heroine. Because the narrative is in the first person, Sage is able to reveal her emotions in true confessional style, nuanced feelings. db nielsen's wry observations about the situations in which she has placed Sage are delightful.
Well-rounded individuals with credible traits, which makes the dialogue throughout sound authentic and appropriate to the speakers concerned; from gushing schoolgirl to irascible Professor to enigmatic museum keeper, the conversational tone seems just right.
The heroine Sage is feisty yet vulnerable, bookish but adventurous, passionate about English Literature and Mesopotamian archaeology, thanks to her father's input from age five. She discovers she has been gifted with mysterious powers - being able to "read" ancient artifacts and conjure up, albeit unwittingly, visions from the past. Thus armed, she decides to embark on a quest to uncouple the mythical from the factual in the Babylonian world and discovers what, if any, message the ancients have for us.
The novel can be read as a page turning paranormal/urban fantasy romance-suspense involving other worlds and peoples. It can also be enjoyed for the detailed, informative and atmospheric portrayal of life as lived by academics, with many literary and cultural allusions sprinkled throughout, teasing the lettered to trace its provenance.

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