5-starTeens will love this fantasy fiction By Richard 

The combination of international travel and intrigue that Sage,our Australian school leaver, encounters when she moves with her family to London provides the background to this gripping story. Page by page our heroine delves into the secrets of a Mesopotamian artefact she happens upon whilst visiting her father's work at the British Museum. Her astonishing relationship with the artefact and those who seek to protect it generates a sense of suspense that keeps you guessing to the end of this absorbing tale. Will appeal to teens and young adults in particular.

5-starA story that begun as a slow burn and now I am hooked to find out what is next... By J. Kunkle "bookprincess"

I have to admit that when I got the twit from DB Nielsen inviting to read the book I did not jump to the idea too quickly. The message kept on popping in my twitter account and finally I said to myself, "Why not?" so I put Game of Thrones in the back burner and on my downtime at work and home I begun to read. At first it took me a few pages to get into the story but by the end of chapter 2 I was hooked.
This book has it all, romance, history, and characters that you can relate. You are greatly endeared to Sage and Saffron and what is not to love about St. John or his brother Gabriel. It is a refreshing story of a girl who is falls for her father's young associate but is independent and not a "Bella" waiting for her "Edward" to rescue her. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

5-starEngrossing. Finely crafted with sound narrative, characterization and plot. By Leslie Kronborg

Finely crafted paranormal / urban fantasy encompassing mystery, suspense, adventure, action, laced with fantasy and a search for true love.
Well-paced story. An intelligent plot with fascinating historical tidbits underpinning a believable turn of events. The reader is drawn into the unfolding of the clever mystery by an engaging heroine. Because the narrative is in the first person, Sage is able to reveal her emotions in true confessional style, nuanced feelings. db nielsen's wry observations about the situations in which she has placed Sage are delightful.
Well-rounded individuals with credible traits, which makes the dialogue throughout sound authentic and appropriate to the speakers concerned; from gushing schoolgirl to irascible Professor to enigmatic museum keeper, the conversational tone seems just right.
The heroine Sage is feisty yet vulnerable, bookish but adventurous, passionate about English Literature and Mesopotamian archaeology, thanks to her father's input from age five. She discovers she has been gifted with mysterious powers - being able to "read" ancient artifacts and conjure up, albeit unwittingly, visions from the past. Thus armed, she decides to embark on a quest to uncouple the mythical from the factual in the Babylonian world and discovers what, if any, message the ancients have for us.
The novel can be read as a page turning paranormal/urban fantasy romance-suspense involving other worlds and peoples. It can also be enjoyed for the detailed, informative and atmospheric portrayal of life as lived by academics, with many literary and cultural allusions sprinkled throughout, teasing the lettered to trace its provenance.

5-starA supernatural romance... with actual research! By Rachel

Firstly, I don't read. I can't sit down with a book and bury my nose in it for a few hours or a few days. So I believe it says quite a bit about this novel. It is an engaging read that has kept me glued train ride after train ride. With proper research and a thrilling storyline, it's definitely a book to pick up and dig into.

5-starBrilliant! By Sarah

Brilliant! Really enjoyed this book, not my usual genre and was pleasantly surprised. Engaging. The mix of history, real life, well formed characters and fantasy was excellent. Can't wait to read the next one!


As an avid reader/writer I'm fairly particular about certain genres, but Seed has it all; Angels, Nephilim, Religion, History, language, Romance & Suspense. Seriously, I devoured the book in two days as sleep overtook me preventing my marathon reading of it. I'd read first two of Danielle Trussoni's Angelology series & was left wanting more of same when Divine Providence handed me Seed: Keeper of Genesis I. I was not disappointed in the least. This book will keep you constantly engaged & hungering for more. Characters are well-fleshed out & immediately draw you in. Nielsen's ability to captivate via well-researched Biblical & historical data is readily noticed & appreciated...and I checked, including her use of French. What she has done over & above Trussoni is her well thought out release plan. Nielsen is scheduled to release bk 2 of 4 part series later this year & is already penning bk 3. Ms. Trussoni had 1+ yrs between books 1 & 2 of her trilogy. Seriously, if you're looking for an accurate, romantic, addictive read, buy Seed now! WARNING: make sure you're well-rested with plenty of portable food & drink at hand AND nothing in your agenda but time to read. Brava!

5-starA rare find, just like the artifact at the centre of this novel... By Hannah

I stayed up until very very late one night reading this novel. Very difficult to put down once you're immersed, the pages just keep on turning...
For those who mistrust glowing reviews of self-published novels, let me reassure you that this novel is, truly, exceptional. There's a reason it has so many five star reviews; because it's that good!
Though the protagonist is a teenager, making this suitable as a YA read, this novel will definitely appeal to older readers too. It has all the depth and incredible world building that many YA paranormal novels lack, and the descriptive language is simply beautiful. This author knows how to weave a spell with words, how to pull you into the world she's created and make it real. I loved the English and European settings, the very real bits of history that underpin the plot, and the characters are wonderful. Both the main character/s and secondary characters are well-imagined and believable. Seed is told from the point of view of Sage, an identical twin, and something tells me her sister Saffron's story might be next. In this novel we see Sage go through a complete journey of self discovery, from girlhood to womanhood, and I was in her corner for every minute of the thrilling ride. (Helicopter ride over the Vatican? Bring it on!)
Highly recommended.

5-starMust Read, By Lina Lau

This novel captured my attention straight away, it's dynamic, fast-moving and extremely captivating. I found it difficult to pull my eyes away, I'd definitely recommend this novel to the people around me. Once you finish the novel you're left wanting more - it's very obvious a lot of research has gone into this novel and if anything adds more value to the novel! I can't wait for the sequels - db nielson has done a phenomenal job for a first novel and I am excited for more! The language she uses is fantastic and very fresh - I must say this was an incredibly exciting novel - FIVE stars! Highly recommended - must read!

5-starAngels, archaeology, amore! By Tim Chan

When 17 year old Sage Woods lays eyes upon an ancient artefact and the hauntingly handsome Elijah St John, who may or may not be immortal, she is drawn into a quest involving Ancient Mesopotamia, the book of Genesis and an ancient conspiracy from the dawn of man.
The protagonist, Sage Woods,  is a worthy peer to the likes of Katniss Everdeen or Tris Prior, in that she is a brave, resourceful and is intellectual, so while she is not as physically capable, she is not a damsel in distress, unlike the insipid Bella Swan.
D B Nielsen weaves an interesting tale filled with archaeological references and biblical allusions. I really enjoyed the hunt for the artefact and the slow unravelling of its true nature. Despite the fact that young adult fiction is not my cup of tea, I find myself liking the characters and the romance, which is a testament to the author's skill. Five out of five! would recommend.

5-starAmazingly fresh fantasy!!! By RickG. 

An amazing novel grabbed me from the beginning to the very last page. This supernatural fantasy intertwined with history and incredibly detailed real-life locations is truly engaging. Any reader that enjoys fantasy will appreciate wholly developed characters and fully described scenes. Great storytelling, very fresh and unique approach. I highly recommend this book, being the first in the series. And once you read this book, you will be eager for the next book.

5-starAwesome! By J.Doroja

This book is so awesome! It was given to me as a present for Mother's Day and I've finished it today. It was a definite page turner that you just can't put down. Once you read the first chapter, your sure to be hooked! It combines action, history, romance and suspense all in one with a nice balance of fantasy with reality. The story will be a delight for people who actually enjoy accurate, historical and geographical information. The author has a wealth of knowledge and a unique style of writing. I would definitely recommend this book and I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

5-starBest read in a long time - highly recommend Seed By Qim Tula 

Had been waiting for a book that would really take me on a journey. Finally Seed was available and did that with intriguing modern day characters drawn into situations with mythological and historical significance. I as unable to put the book down. A gripping tale about Angelic realms, world events and deep secrets. Highly recommend Seed.

5-starAmazing !!!!!!!!! one of the best books I've read in a while By Sandra

This book is like a breath of fresh air, excitement in ever page. I just couldn't put it down, the suspense and romance is a perfect balance between fantasy and reality. I was hooked from the first page and it really made me feel as though I was part of the journey. It's nice to be able to read a book and have such a great connection with the characters. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series, CAN'T WAIT :-)

5-starOne of my favourites! By Cindy

A fantastic novel with history, fantasy, adventure and romance all in one. I was drawn into Sage's world from the page one and I could not put the book down until I reached the end. One of the rare books where you really step into the main character's shoes and feel like you're part of their world. Extremely well written with lots of intriguing characters and suspense. I cannot wait until the next in the series is released. Very highly recommended!

5-starby Renita D'Silva author of Monsoon Memories and The Forgotten Daughter

'You know that thrill when you discover an author whose every word draws you in and you cannot put the book down? This is one such book and this is one such author. I absolutely adored SEED. I did not want to part from it, did not want it to end. I am so very glad that there are more books in this series. Beautifully written, meticulously researched, this book draws you in and keeps a hold on you right up until the last page. Fast paced, with action and romance, history and intrigue, flitting between London, Paris, Rome and ancient Mesopotamia, this book is a delight with something to appeal to every reader. I was transported; felt I was living in so many different worlds. The characters are expertly drawn, I could visualise each and every one. I loved the way the author contrasted the twins’ characters, how they complemented each other. There is just so much to admire in this book. The writing is evocative and stunning, the dialogue pithy and sharp. I especially loved the descriptions of Sage’s visions. The author is brilliant at building atmosphere and suspense. From the first page, I was immediately right there, in the action. The descriptions are very visual and I think it would make a fabulous movie.'

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